flagOn this day we celebrate and honor the veterans who fought in various battles around the world to further the cause of liberty and freedom. Some never discuss their battles, their fears, or their efforts, solemnly acknowledging the struggles and strife they endured willingly for the cause, yet never forgetting the sacrifice they endured. Each of these veterans deserve great honor and recognition for their efforts, for their hearts filled with compassion, not only for those at home whom they fought diligently for, but for the embattled fields where they fought, many of them standing firm when the battle was over and helping to rebuild the land.

We are Americans. That’s what we do. We fight to win, then we rebuild, we help others, and we stand firm in our conviction. We stand firm on faith, dedication and service.

As the webmaster and daughter of this veteran, I wish to offer recognition for his service to this country, and also… to his heart and dedication of service to people of every land. I’ve seen his tears. I’ve heard his words.

God bless, Daddy. I’m so grateful for your service, both to your country and your family.

I love you!