Towers of Color

Everyone knows you need your wheels. Seriously, there’s something to be said about protecting your vehicle from the wear and tear of the road. You need those wheels, so letting them fall behind on care is just something less than the smartest thing you can do.

Recently, shifting through the materials on the book shelf, I came across this incredibly good book about auto maintenance, and decided it would be a great ‘next blog post’ for my blog here, about survival. Not often you find beneficial information that is still available after a few long years of publication. But this one has just been re-released with a great new cover.

auto maintenanceToday’s car owner rarely experienced the need to maintain their own vehicle, but with economic struggles and life events, more and more of us require some ability to at least understand what is needed to maintain our own car. This book includes real, easy to follow, tips recommendations, and suggestions for keeping up your own vehicles. From drive line to changing the oil, washing windows, and maintaining a quality paint job, the tips you find here are what your daddy would have told you, if he’d known.

The big benefit to maintaining your vehicles, and knowing something about the process, is that you don’t get screwed to the wall by those auto mechanics who would like to charge outrageous prices to fix minor problems. You decide when to maintain your vehicle, in a timely manner, and the costs come tumbling down. It’s a great way to save money!

If you’re going to drive it, you need to understand it. This ez to read manual offer plenty of detail in plain layman’s language.

To purchase this amazing book – just click on the cover.