Storm TripA storehouse of food for disaster is unlikely to be available if you hide it away in a basement storeroom. Flood waters rush in and ruin your food, or worse… Looters would know right where to find it.

There’s a better way.

Store small amounts of food in safe containers around your home in various rooms to keep the food safe and available. Keep a coded master list in a very safe but non-obvious place, so you know when your supplies have been refreshed or updated.

What can you store?

Canned goods and various dried and canned foods will stay safe and edible for long periods of time. But you may need more information about what to store.

Survival Tips for Beginners offers some great tips for your home survival strategy, as does Out of the Forest.

You can teach children to survive, by reading Out of the Forest, which offers easy to apply survival tips that even children can remember when they read it or listen in story form.

Don’t make lethal mistakes in creating your own home defense mechanism. Learn how to be safe, secure and live well even in chaos.