Not one to sit still for long, I found as the walls started closing in on retirement that I really like having a JOB. Not a lot of hours spend somewhere, but a job that I can go to where I see people.

I need to be out in the public viewing people and their habits occasionally – for inspiration.

Oasis on the PrairieIt was in that moment of decision that I saw the oasis on the prairie. Oh, I’d seen it before, but this was different. Brad invited me out for an interview and asked if I’d like to work for him. Just mornings, a few hours, five days or so each week, while he took some time away to get things done.

Sounded like fun to me… An opportunity to watch sunrise from the hilltop, and view the travelers coming and going. I could do that!

And in the meanwhile, have an opportunity to sell my book while I met a whole new slew of possible characters for my next book. Come visit the Country Acres south of Lamar, Colorado and see if you can’t squirm your way into my next book!