The overpowering moments... You’ve been there, sitting in the darkness waiting for the light to dawn, the realization that this moment isn’t the last you’ll experience. Occasionally, as an adult, that moment is overpowering. It takes on a life of it’s own as you think of all the ‘next moments’ you’ll experience in life.

I can’t imagine how it must feel to not be the ‘responsible person’ in the center of the universe with everyone waiting for someone else to make the decision, pick up the tab, take the lead. It’s always been my forte. My responsibility. My duty. I was responsible. Me. Right here. This one, waiting for an eternity for the NEXT moment.

I didn’t always want to be responsible, but I felt like I had to fill that role in my life.

That overwhelming feeling sometimes fills up the cracks in life and oozes out in driplets onto the sides. I’d felt that way more than once.

In the book, Out of the Forest, I paint that picture as Charles cares for his little sister’s hurting feet. We rest. We wrap her feet. We find ways to stop the pain for a little bit. We solve the problem. Charles, the big brother who takes responsibility in the book finds the solution. That’s the kind of person he is, a take charge kind of guy who does what has to be done to provide for his younger sister.

He’s the kind of guy who takes charge, leads the way, and finds the light…

Be encouraged, there is a light.

Out of the Forest - James C. Mulaney