Out of the Forest

Out of the ForestWhen Charles and Margaret wake up in the deep woods of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada, they realize it’s unlikely there will be a rescue party. Their plane went down with no radio, no communication, and far off the flight pattern. Their parents were dead. They had few tools for survival. And they were children who had grown up living in Chicago, spending summers in the sheltered care of their grandparents. With a compass, a boy scout knife and a book of edible forest treasures… would they survive?

James C. Mulaney creates a setting filled with wildlife, nature and excitement for this childhood adventure. To order your copy in either Kindle or paperback, click on the cover photo.


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An excerpt — 

It was not a good idea to build a fire here, so close to these fir trees with the wind beginning to blow around. We went a little further from the trees to build our fire and did a little more work to keep the fire danger down. We took a shovel and dug a deeper fire hold, then we got more rocks and put around the edge of the hold, then after we got the fire going good, we fixed to cook the rabbits and roots along with a couple of pieces of fish so we would have plenty of supper in case it did snow deep. Even as we got our fire going, we saw the first flakes falling between us and the trees. We started our rabbits and roots, along with the fish to cook, then went under the trees to see how we could fix it up for the night. We had to fix it so that snow would not come in on us and get us wet. If we got wet now, as cold as it was, we could be in real trouble.

The body can handle cold weather as long as it is dry, but if it gets wet the moisture draws off the heat as fast as the body can make it. This was a lesson that Grandfather and Father had went over and over with us, no matter what we were doing together.

I remembered how cold and miserable we were the night that we got caught in the wash by all of that water. I still shiver when I think how bad we felt setting on the bank in our wet clothes the rest of the night.

Margaret and I both thought we’d come to the end of the trail. There was no where we could go and we were as far as we were going that night because we were so cold, miserable and just plain tired.

Did they survive… 

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