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Remember my book?

James Mulaney - Out of the ForestI spent the year hashing through other stories and rounding out the flavors on the Beaver book. It’s coming together little by little, and I knew there’d be plenty of time to get this all done, but here it is again, fall… Autumn. The time of year when readers pull out a book, pull up a chair, and begin their pumpkin flavored hibernation for winter.

I didn’t want to miss it.

Not only have I plugged a great new cover into the format for my book, but I’ve also added a new marketing guru to the mix. She’s a miracle worker when it comes to selling books, and I know she’ll be adding my book to her list. Meanwhile, I just wanted to share the new cover, and some great new ideas with you – and post a few on various websites, along with my new marketing meme.

Dad’s Getting Better

ChristmastreeI hear he went to WalMart shopping. That’s a big event, considering a few days back he could barely get out of bed.

He’s up cooking meals occasionally and working around the house…

He’s even been seen on facebook recently checking out the excitement and conversations there.

If you’re interested in having a website like his — click on the banner below.


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