Auto Maintenance for Survival

Towers of Color

Everyone knows you need your wheels. Seriously, there’s something to be said about protecting your vehicle from the wear and tear of the road. You need those wheels, so letting them fall behind on care is just something less than the smartest thing you can do.

Recently, shifting through the materials on the book shelf, I came across this incredibly good book about auto maintenance, and decided it would be a great ‘next blog post’ for my blog here, about survival. Not often you find beneficial information that is still available after a few long years of publication. But this one has just been re-released with a great new cover.

auto maintenanceToday’s car owner rarely experienced the need to maintain their own vehicle, but with economic struggles and life events, more and more of us require some ability to at least understand what is needed to maintain our own car. This book includes real, easy to follow, tips recommendations, and suggestions for keeping up your own vehicles. From drive line to changing the oil, washing windows, and maintaining a quality paint job, the tips you find here are what your daddy would have told you, if he’d known.

The big benefit to maintaining your vehicles, and knowing something about the process, is that you don’t get screwed to the wall by those auto mechanics who would like to charge outrageous prices to fix minor problems. You decide when to maintain your vehicle, in a timely manner, and the costs come tumbling down. It’s a great way to save money!

If you’re going to drive it, you need to understand it. This ez to read manual offer plenty of detail in plain layman’s language.

To purchase this amazing book – just click on the cover.

Bivvy Bag – Bug Out Safely With Your Own Shelter


When they say shelter in place, now you know what to do.
Slip into your Bivvy Bag and get cozy and warm. Even after a plane crash, you’ll want some personal protection from the elements, until help arrives. This bivvy bag is small enough to find comfortably, and compactly into even a small shoulder tote. Keep it on your person, ready to use when needed. It may save your life!

In the book, Out of the Forest, James talks about two young people stranded in the forests of Canada after their parent’s plane crashes in the pines. Wouldn’t it have been a blessing to have this bivvy bag in their gear?

Along with a survival book about how to clean their water, find food, and create a shelter, having a ready to use sleeping bag to keep them warm no matter the temperature would have been a total blessing. Just in case you ever need it? Here are several other survival options you might want to carry with you.

You never know when you’ll need survival supplies.

If you’re a camper, these supplies may come in handy on your next camping trip. If not, you may just need to keep them in your car for short trips, or long excursions across the country where you’d need to stop unexpectedly. Be prepared for any breakdowns or unexpected delays with supplies to keep you safe and warm.

There’s nothing like a walk…

The sun shining overhead, and a soothing breeze stirring the morning can make a guy want to just take a walk.

Walking is good for the soul. The time outside in the sunshine gets you away from stale air and connects you to the earth. There’s freedom in a walk. Liberty in the communion that happens with the wind, the sun, and the open air.

It’s a good feeling.

Until it isn’t.

When older people walk, air can get in their way. Nothing but air. Stumbling and falling is a real danger. But if you’re alone, it’s worse. You may not be able to get up.

Losing your balance, being tired, or weak. Any of these things can bring you to the ground, and not in a good way.

If you fall, sit there a while. Find a comfortable sitting position and sit there until you reorient yourself with the surroundings. Note if anything hurts, or if you’re feeling any specific pains before you attempt to do more than sit up.

Then breathe. Calm yourself first. The fear of being on the ground is much worse than being there. Calm yourself first. Breathe, slow and steady.

Note again how you feel, if you’re bleeding, where you’re injured, and consider your surroundings. Is there something you can hold onto, or lean against if you do stand? Can you find a railing to hold, or to help you pull yourself up?

If anyone is nearby, ask for help.

If you’re alone, know that you can do this. You’re capable, and you CAN.

Then slowly get on your knees, on your hands, and stand up. Do this slowly, because the shift in position can push you to the ground again, and you don’t want to fall if you can prevent that. Holding onto something is a good idea, but if you have nothing to hold onto, remember to pause at each step and regain your balance.

Once standing, regain your balance and pace your motion to match what you can manage. Slow and steady wins the race.

James C Mulaney Book

Remember my book?

James Mulaney - Out of the ForestI spent the year hashing through other stories and rounding out the flavors on the Beaver book. It’s coming together little by little, and I knew there’d be plenty of time to get this all done, but here it is again, fall… Autumn. The time of year when readers pull out a book, pull up a chair, and begin their pumpkin flavored hibernation for winter.

I didn’t want to miss it.

Not only have I plugged a great new cover into the format for my book, but I’ve also added a new marketing guru to the mix. She’s a miracle worker when it comes to selling books, and I know she’ll be adding my book to her list. Meanwhile, I just wanted to share the new cover, and some great new ideas with you – and post a few on various websites, along with my new marketing meme.

Dad’s Getting Better

ChristmastreeI hear he went to WalMart shopping. That’s a big event, considering a few days back he could barely get out of bed.

He’s up cooking meals occasionally and working around the house…

He’s even been seen on facebook recently checking out the excitement and conversations there.

If you’re interested in having a website like his — click on the banner below.


Or if you’re more interested in publishing your book, you could visit with Jan at 303.968.6863 for some good details and pricing for your publication.

Stroke Update

James C. Mulaney

Some days are just a little better than others!

Garden of the Gods Photo sessionAfter a phone call for help, James was flown flight for life to Denver, where it was determined that he’d had a ‘brain bleed’ due to a spike in blood pressure. During the recovery from that, several blood pressure meds were used and eventually he was moved to physical therapy, first at Swedish, then at St. Mary Corwin. Unexpected circumstances (read wrong medications) resulted in him being removed from the hospital by his daughters and he’s now at home, recovering.

Some days are better than others and he’s doing well in his therapy. But he could use a little help from you, his fans and friends…

Physical therapy and care is rather costly, and his younger daughter was relieved of her job while at the hospital caring for him. She’s needed at home for a while, but that means her income is limited.

However, in exchange for purchasing some of James’ photo work, or his book, their income will continue to grow while he’s recovering. If you’ve already purchased his book, or seen his photography, please leave a comment, or share this post and encourage others to buy something.

Meanwhile, he’ll keep working to recover and write his next book (which he’s using as part of his cognizant therapy) and do what he does best – get better with age.

At 79, it’s a little harder to bounce back, but he’s doing a mighty fine job of working to improve muscle tone and strength so he can eventually be back to his normal mischievous self. No permanent damage from this, but he’s struggling a bit with the down time, and the lag due to the wrong medications.

We appreciate your support!