When they say shelter in place, now you know what to do.
Slip into your Bivvy Bag and get cozy and warm. Even after a plane crash, you’ll want some personal protection from the elements, until help arrives. This bivvy bag is small enough to find comfortably, and compactly into even a small shoulder tote. Keep it on your person, ready to use when needed. It may save your life!

In the book, Out of the Forest, James talks about two young people stranded in the forests of Canada after their parent’s plane crashes in the pines. Wouldn’t it have been a blessing to have this bivvy bag in their gear?

Along with a survival book about how to clean their water, find food, and create a shelter, having a ready to use sleeping bag to keep them warm no matter the temperature would have been a total blessing. Just in case you ever need it? Here are several other survival options you might want to carry with you.

You never know when you’ll need survival supplies.

If you’re a camper, these supplies may come in handy on your next camping trip. If not, you may just need to keep them in your car for short trips, or long excursions across the country where you’d need to stop unexpectedly. Be prepared for any breakdowns or unexpected delays with supplies to keep you safe and warm.