Garden of the Gods Photo sessionNot often do you catch James C. Mulaney with a camera in his hands not pointed at something worthy of the viewfinder.

A gregarious cowboy in his youth, Mulaney dreamed of putting his words in print, leaving a legacy of values for his grandchildren and others who read his work. His efforts paid off in November of 2012 when he published Out of the Forest, a written edition of a story he told his children as they grew up. The classic rendition of a plane crash featuring the survival adventures of a brother and sister team who hiked their way out of the wild mountain forests of Alberta Canada, learning survival tactics along the way, is told in an easy laid-back fashion, using Mulaney’s own words and voice, just like he wrote it.

After a stint in the United States Army, serving in Korea and near Sault St. Marie, Michigan and Chicago for a short time, he returned to Colorado, worked the farms, rural electrical and other various jobs before settling into a career in appliance marketing and repair, specializing in heating and air conditioning. He ran his own business for most of 20 years before shifting into a less strenuous career of managing motels and spending his free time writing and taking pictures.

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His love of the outdoors shows up in both, his writing and his photography.

Towers of Color
Towers of Color
by James C. Mulaney
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