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James C. MulaneyA fresh new cover? That’s what she recommended…

After visiting with a special book marketing professional, we discussed the options that we could take to refresh the book for a new selling season, and the top suggestion on the list was ‘a new cover’, one that speaks to the heart, includes a photo of the young man or the young girl in the story, a glimpse into their lives, before you even open the cover. And there it was…

The first photo I found when looking through the stack, this one spoke to me, reminded me of the youth, who drug his sister out of the wilderness of Canada.

I hope you like the new cover too!

Out of the ForestWhen Carl and Margaret wake up in the deep woods of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta Canada, they realize it’s unlikely there will be a rescue party. Their plane went down with no radio, no communication, and far off the flight pattern. Their parents were dead. They had few tools for survival. And they were children who had grown up living in Chicago, spending summers in the sheltered care of their grandparents. With a compass, a boy scout knife and a book of edible forest treasures… would they survive?

James C. Mulaney creates a setting filled with wildlife, nature and excitement for this childhood adventure. To order your copy in either Kindle or paperback, click on the cover photo.


Out of the Forest is available on Amazon.com in Paperback or Kindle.

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You’d think when someone travels around, shopping for photos, they’d find what they’re looking for without much work… But then again, you’ll know the secret is in the click. Let’s see what happens when you find the really cool photos.

Not one to sit still for long, I found as the walls started closing in on retirement that I really like having a JOB. Not a lot of hours spend somewhere, but a job that I can go to where I see people.

I need to be out in the public viewing people and their habits occasionally – for inspiration.

Oasis on the Prairie
oasis on the prairieIt was in that moment of decision that I saw the oasis on the prairie. Oh, I’d seen it before, but this was different. Brad invited me out for an interview and asked if I’d like to work for him. Just mornings, a few hours, five days or so each week, while he took some time away to get things done.

Sounded like fun to me… An opportunity to watch sunrise from the hilltop, and view the travelers coming and going. I could do that!

And in the meanwhile, have an opportunity to sell my book while I met a whole new slew of possible characters for my next book. Come visit the Country Acres south of Lamar, Colorado and see if you can’t squirm your way into my next book!


You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.

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Out of the Forest

Out of the ForestExperiencing a plane crash in the mountains of Canada might have been exciting if their parents had survived, but without their parents, Margaret and Charles find themselves struggling to survive with meager supplies and no experience. Taking only what they can carry from the crash site, the two young children begin the adventure that would lead them eventually to their grandparent’s home. Meeting the challenges of a June blizzard without enough clothing, escaping wild animals and managing to bandage their own injuries might have been common place for an adult, but these two found food in the wild, patched clothing as best they could, and fought hard to survive the wilderness… Will they succeed?


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Out of the Forest

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